House of Sause bridges the gap between style and sustainability. We're a perfect blend of traditionalism, varsity, lots of street style, and a bit of our secret Sause is poured into our designs. Let's get our hands sausy together and paint the streets with Sause.

Fashion can be ethically curated too! HoS socially justifies the usage of fashion platforms to showcase sustainable ways to be trendy. Our take on it is by including elements of Traditionalism, varsity and bit of our secret Sause to provide a diverse range of styles to choose from. The ability to unite people through their shared love and passion for high street fashion transcends language, culture and class barriers. Come join hands with Hos while we promote ingenuity, individuality and redefine power dressing. Find your street aesthetic here!

Comfortable yet fetching pieces! One does not generally pair comfort with style, while our confident designs will allow you to make that bold statement look even when you're lounging. HoS on taking India to the World will give you reasons to dress up more in daily life. Our products scream youthful energy which is emblematic of the current times and ac commodative of all kinds of lifestyles. HoS is loud, proud and standing out of the crowd HoS synergizes to create eccentric and captivating styles like its hot sauce but in the form of lighting in a bottle.